Mo Farah says he has suffered from his links to Alberto Salazar

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Mo Farah says he has suffered”financially and emotionally” out of his affiliation with former coach Alberto Salazar.
Salazar has been banned for four years for doping offenses in October, a sanction he is appealing at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).
The Nike Oregon Project, which was shut down after Salazar’s ban was led by the American but comprised Farah one of its stable of athletes between 2011 and 2017.
Farah, the 5,000m and 10,000m gold medallist in the 2012 and 2016 Olympic Games, said in January he would have finished the connection with Salazar earlier had he understood the trainer faced a ban.
Farah has indicated some sponsors have turned their back on him due to headlines emphasizing his Salazar links.
“If I was not Mo Farah and I watched Mo Farah and I’m viewing these headlines, I would question… yeah, I’d ask the very same questions,” he told The Times.
“I don’t need to go into some more detail but there has been a lot of stuff, emotionally and financially, where I’ve endured a lot”
Farah added that a tip-off not triggered his decision and also Salazar’s ban left stunned him.
“I didn’t have an idea,” said Farah. “For me (when information of the ban emerged) it was like, wow, four decades. I had been really thinking,’Oh my God’. I know I never did anything. I understand he was my trainer. However, to put up with this season after year, it is not you, it’s the trainer, but it is you it is directed at, is quite bothersome.
“If I’d realised there was likely to be a problem, I would have been outside (earlier ). But I was faced with a person who had helped me in my career, for me where I was, and you have the right to speak to him and look him in the eye”
Prior to the sanction, Farah claims that the trainer did his very best to reassure him.
“He said they are only allegations made by people with grudges and’I guarantee you this will be proven’,” Farah said. “Now you don’t wish to believe anything else, and now you only need to continue.
“He hadn’t been found guilty. And it wasn’t just about me anymore. As a man I could have just said’move’. However, I had three at school, four children, my wife’s there, we had bought a home. I’m not just going to say’There’s been some allegations, we’re moving’.”

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