Mo Farah to defend Olympic 10km title at Tokyo 2020 after returning to track

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Sir Mo Farah has declared he is”back on the track” and will aim to successfully defend his Olympic 10,000m title at Tokyo 2020.
Farah has won double gold at each of the previous 2 Olympics, shooting the 5,000m and 10,000m crowns in Rio and London, but changed his focus on the marathon in 2017.
Farah finished third at the London Marathon in 2018 earlier winning the Chicago Marathon after that year, but has not functioned as well this year, finishing fifth at London and eighth in Chicago.
Announcing the information on his own official YouTube accounts, Farah explained:”Sorry I have been a little silent. Following Chicago [marathon] I chose to have a break with my loved ones.
“It is truly fascinating to compete in the marathon for the last few years and to win at the Chicago marathon. To finish third at the London Marathon has been fine. It’s been a learning curve for me.
“I’ve decided that for Tokyo 2020 that I am going to be right back to the track. I am excited to give it a move from the 10,000m.
“Hopefully I haven’t lost my speed. I will train hard for this and see what I can do.”

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