Mosconi Cup: Team USA retain trophy with victory over Team Europe

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The Mosconi Cup was retained by team USA in the Mandalay Bay Resort at Las Vegas Using an Victory over Team Europe on Thanksgiving.

The side, intending to replicate their triumph in London this past year, started the final day with an 8-7 lead and made an early statement of intent as Billy Thorpe conquer Jayson Shaw, the critical second coming from the seventh as Shaw punched the 3-ball to the top pocket but watched it rattle the draw, letting Thorpe to take the rack and operate out for success in the next.
Eklent Kaci hit back for Europe, defeating Tyler Styer 5-1. Momentum swung back to the side when Shane van Boening defeated Alexander Kazakis 5-3, taking America to the Mosconi Cup mountain in 10-8.
Next up was Joshua Filler for Europe, with several anticipating down the deficit to narrow. But before he had played with the 5/9 mix to get a victory that sealed the cup and his second Most Valuable Player name Skyler Woodward relished the event and was observing with the audience on their toes.
“Today I came out focused, ready to perform and I had a feeling I’d be playing with Filler,” said Woodward, who makes an invitation to March’s World Pool Masters as MVP. “From the start I said I wanted to perform Filler.
“I would not rather have a different group. We lost eight in a row but we now won two in a row. This is and we’re friends. I would not rather have anybody else backing up me than those men.”
Thorpe included:”I knew I was going up against one of the finest players, Jayson such as Josh has much firepower. I knew I needed to come outside, stay swinging rather than let up on my own stroke. We will be ready to defend the decoration. We will be prepared to go abroad and make it three years in a row.”
European captain Marcus Chamat explained:”We came here to USA 10 weeks ago. We have stuck together for the 10 dayswe arrived here as a group and we will leave here as a team. The entire time stood together with each other and I am very proud of this group. Things weren’t going our way along with some fantastic performances are set up by Joshua. Without him it wouldn’t be 11-8.
“I wish to thank all the fans, American and European fans, who have helped create this remarkable event. The players place in an remarkable performance.”
For all those on the go, we’ll have the 2020 Mosconi Cup covered via our website .com/more-sports, our app for mobile devices and iPad, or our Twitter account @pool for latest reports and news from 12 months time once the rivalry contributes to Alexandra Palace, London from Tuesday, December 1st until Friday, December 4th.

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