Napoli urge fans to behave in Liverpool after September trouble in Italy saw fan hospitalised

Napoli have urged their fans to behave when they see Liverpool in the Champions League this past week.
The Serie A team have asked fans to become respectful and not to let off smoke bombs and flares inside Anfield on Wednesday as both sides seem to secure qualification to the knockout stages.
Liverpool fans were assaulted ahead of the opening Group E fixture – with team chief executive Peter Moore tethered to a man in hospital.
“Napoli invites its own supporters to comply with existing safety regulations, in line with UEFA rules, whose violation could lead to penalties for the club,” Napoli said on Monday.
“Hence, Neapolitan supporters are invited to donate to the evening of game in the esteem of this serene climate and of the authentic enthusiasm of the Italian fans, to take imagery of the regulation of utilization of the Anfield Road Stadium, to leave the staircase and all the other escape routes free and not to use smoke bombs, firecrackers and some other pyrotechnic material.”
Manager Carlo Ancelotti has named his squad to travel to Merseyside – and also the two left-winger Lorenzo Insigne along with Fouzi Ghoulam are missing because of injury.
Ghoulam returned with the rest of the group along with Fabian Ruiz – who does travel on Monday – but will remain alongside Insigne, who conducted training by himself in Italy.
Meanwhile, Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis is pushing forward with fining his entire squad for pulling from an organised training camp, explained by Italian media as a”mutiny”.
In accordance with Sky at Italy, the disciplinary action is experiencing an arbitration panel consisting of a third party, a player and a club representative, as De Laurentiis seems to fine them 50 percent of the yearly salaries.

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