NBA Pick: Denver Nuggets at Memphis Grizzlies – Tuesday, January 28

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Like every team, and everybody else for that matter involved with the NBA community, the Denver Nuggets (32-14) mourned on Sunday the tragic loss of Kobe Bryant, also like the rest of the league, it was tough to work.
It was time to speak to the media and Following the Nuggets would catch a victory over the Houston Rockets, players would admit their focus was of the way there for the match. However, precisely exactly the same reason behind their dark heavens was the reason why they put on their shoes, and that was Kobe Bryant’s passion for basketball, and they knew Kobe would desire them play and still to stay strong. And that they did.
It was the Exact Same story for its Memphis Grizzlies (22-24) on Sunday as they took on the Phoenix Suns, a game where both Grizzlies and Suns admired Bryant. For Memphis, Kobe would be honored by them using a shot clock violation, that had been one of his own jersey numbers throughout his career, although the Suns would take an violation to pick up the other amount of Bryant.
After their 114-109 triumph over Phoenix, Memphis Grizzlies ahead Jaren Jackson Jr. would remark on the way that it was tough to play basketball following the death of a legend.
Not merely the National Basketball Association, however, the whole world of basketball is feeling the pain of Kobe Bryant’s departure it’s catastrophic, and it honestly does not make sense. But that where we’re at, and it has to be business as usual for the NBA though the will be heavy for certain. Particularly when the playoffs are two months away.
For Memphis Grizzlies and the Denver Nuggets, their Company continues against one another night on Tuesday at FedExForum. From the 2019-20 effort, both have met twice, with all the Nuggets getting both of these W’s for the 2-0 edge, and this also carries a 131-114 steamroll festival on November 17 in favour of Denver on Memphis’ motives.
The competition between the Nuggets and Grizzlies would take place in Pepsi Center on December 28. Memphis has improved since that game, although denver might take the nine-point victory. The Grizz are popular as of late, winning 10 out of the last 15 games since they’d take that reduction in Colorado — possibly the marijuana did them good, eh?
Last Five Games
Alright, just kidding, but winning stretch has taken the Memphis Grizzlies up into the No. 8 position at the Western Conference, which positions to shoot the last seed in the playoffs if the season ended now.
In his second year at the NBA from Michigan State University, Jaren Jackson Jr. has led the Grizzlies in scoring with an average of 18 points-per-game. With that being said though, Memphis has received numbers from their roster all around, to the point where they have five unique players averaging in double figures as soon as it comes to putting up points around the board.
The Grizzlies are dealing having their guard Grayson Allen out of action. Throughout the 125-112 Memphis victory over the Detroit Pistons on Friday, Allen would Undergo a hip injury, and as a result, the Grizz have been forced to recall Joshua Jackson from the G-League.
As they have dealt with health issues for the whole season for the Nuggets, injuries have been nothing new for these. It’s gotten really bad that they currently don’t have three of their best turning players readily open. The 3: Forward Paul Millsap, point guard Jamal Murray and centre Mason Plumlee. To get Millsap, he’ll overlook his 10th consecutive game with a left knee contusion, while Murray will probably be on his seventh straight with a left shoulder sprain. Plumlee has missed three games so much due to his foot injury.
Regardless of the injuries, howeverthe Nuggets have kept their amount of drama , and this has been in the rest of their roster because of productivity. Specifically, guard Malik Beasley has been watching more moments and has been helpful together, while their newcomer forward Michael Porter Jr. has increased his numbers the past month. He would be forced to miss a game a week because of back tightness, but it could bring no adverse effect on his play.
In the last four competitions, Porter Jr. was averaging a double-double setting up a stat line of 15.5 points-per-game along with 10.3 rebounds-per-game. In that stretch, he’d set a double-double in just two matches.
The biggest hurdle in the way for the Memphis Grizzlies to get a win on the Denver Nuggets is to close down their big man Nikola Jokic. With all of the injuries that Denver has been coping with, Jokic has really stepped up his production, therefore the Grizz will need to do everything in their capacity to lock down him. At the win against the Rockets, Jokic would record his ninth triple-double of this effort, and in the last 27 contests, he has put up a total of 21 double-doubles
As an off team this year, the Denver Nuggets are solid, and this was courtesy of their defense of theirs that has been dominant, and that’s a scary attribute for any opposing group to confront — mainly because it does not normally vanish like good shooting can. On the road particularly, any teams (including the Nuggets) can undergo a bad night of shooting, but they’ll always remain in the competition if the shield is there. And this is the reason Denver was playing excellent basketball on the street.
Defense has become the reason of why they’ve been struggling this season. To Denver this season in both of the losses, the Grizzlies have allowed a 250 points. When it is time to enjoying the Nuggets, Memphis not only struggles to score from Denver’s elite defense, however they also have a hard time including the Nuggets’ effectiveness as well. For the Grizzlies, it is”if it rains, it pours” against the Denver Nuggets.
In FedExForum this season, Memphis’ opposition is averaging a tally of both 116.4 points-per-game against them, which generates potency for virtually any team visiting Tennessee. Is the simple fact that they turn the ball over a lot. For the effort, they’re averaging 15.6 turnovers-per-game, and this than the Nuggets who really rarely turn around the ball — it’s just pure, blank basketball in the Mile High City.
Give me the Denver Nuggets for the win and to cover the spread, and also give me the more.
BETTING PREDICTION: Denver Nuggets 128, Memphis Grizzlies 112

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