NCAAF Week 13: 3 Keys for Ohio State to Remain Undefeated vs. Penn State

Ohio State has their main challenge of the season in Week 13. Can they stay after enjoying with Penn State unscathed?
Voters remember when it comes to the College Football Playoff and the Heisman. Fields needs to make another announcement this Saturday. That is his true chance to enter the Heisman race with Joe Burrow, although he has had his share of monster matches previously. He will need to deliver to the stage with his legs and his arm, although He’s got the ability to keep Penn State imagining. Like it’s going to be this weekend being a backup this past year in Georgia, Fields has never actually had the focus on him. This game will be Ohio State, if he lives up to all of the hype.
Chase Young is the best defensive player in college soccer. It is that simple. Should you disagree, then it is likely from the recency bias. Young has sat therefore he is going to be ready to play from his head against Penn State.
Any effect from Young will sway this game involving the Buckeyes. There is not any method the Nittany Lions may stay in such a one, if he receives multiple sacks and forces a turnover like he has in previous matches. It is not a requirement but it would ensure a success.
Both best pass rushers in college football might be playing this match. He has flown under the radar, as has most of the Big Ten but Ohio State has been well aware of this guy. Pairing him with Shaka Toney is unjust. I believe it’s more important to strategy about Gross-Matos Though both are great. Send the tight end on his side to obstruct, Permit J.K. Dobbins processor every now and then. Run to the opposite side of the lineup. Gross-Matos is capable of shaking up this match, so Ohio State really needs to make sure he doesn’t get that chance.
All eyes will be glued to this matchup, and rightfully so. The Buckeyes are preferred for a motive, but it is not guarantee they will triumph. An excellent performance will be taken by it and that involves doing these three things.

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