Netball Superleague: ‘Looking after player mental health is important’ – Laura Malcolm

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Looking after the psychological health of sportsmen and women will be”more important” than taking care of their body, states Manchester Thunder’s Laura Malcolm.
Malcolm, who’s preparing for your Superleague season which begins on Saturday, thinks that the support following Marcus, her dad, expired in 2013 she received should be the standard for each athlete and was priceless.
“When I lost my father a couple of years ago, Tracey Neville [afterward manager at Thunder] made sure something had been put together to encourage me through the electoral process,” that the England international told Sport.
“Mental health care is readily available for each and each player, irrespective of their scenario, and that’s so important.
“You train your own system but you use your mind even more than that, so that has to be cared for more”
Malcolm’s team-mate, Caroline O’Hanlon, included:”There’s more awareness of mental health because players have been coming out and talking about it.
“The longer netball is in the public eye, the more open we are to criticism and we have to care for each other. Fortunately we are a close-knit group at Thunder.”
Looking ahead into this season opener against Wasps in Birmingham – a replay of this 2019 Grand Final which Thunder won 57-52 – O’Hanlon stated:”We understand if we’re not playing at our best, everyone can defeat us.
“Our strength in depth is incredible and I am confident player for player we have the best squad in the league, but that does not matter come match days as it is about how you play then.”
Malcolm, who’s enjoying her second stint with the Dark and Yellows after two seasons at Severn Stars, says new players like Lauren Ngwira, who signed after defender Kerry Almond retired after more than a decade at Thunder, have”slotted into place immediately”.
“The vibe is good at Thunder,” vice-captain Malcolm added. “We have got a strong squad and everybody is capable of doing something specific on this court.
“It is irrelevant if we had the title before or not but it’s good we are in the position to safeguard it as we are eager to do that as a group.”

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