New York Guardians vs St Louis Battlehawks XFL Pick – February 23

New York is a mess! Matt McGloin will get cut! Nah, I really don’t know about that. They do not have two quarterbacks on the roster.
What he said about the sideline talking crap about his training team in a match wasn’t exactly the best idea.
Maybe he’s right but maybe he is projecting his feelings.
McGloin has never been able to hit the broad side of a barn at the initial two weeks I don’t expect the NFL’er to become a better player.
New York is beat up on defense and offense with nearly their whole wide receiving corps in the sidelines this week end.
St Louis will make their home debut and you may remember what I was saying before the year started about this city.
Well, tickets are sold out.
I like St Louis to put up 30 points as we say in Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, and Isaac Bruce, while, I do not anticipate the greatest show on turf.
Last week from Houston, St Louis’d 26 first downs, 390 yards, went 11/19 on 3/3 and third down on 4th!
Appears to be a team which controls the ball with a solid running game, right?
Nopethey did run the ball 43 times but just for a mean of only less than 3 yards per carry.
Battlehawks QB T’amu travelled but his 2 interceptions cost them this match.
10 points is a great deal.
Before the Guardians are taken by us let’s look at how they fared last week. This could change our minds…
They lost 27-0. Not excellent. Okay.
137 total yards… 5 first downs and an impressive 3 of those came on 4th down efforts. 1/11 on 3rd. They couldn’t really stop the pass or the run.
I really don’t think they’ll be able to do it from one of their most explosive offenses in the group.
It’s pretty obvious the sportsbooks are working to scare people off but I’m not fearful.
What’s new are the betting odds for all these week XFL games.
You guys probably think I am crazy for carrying the St Louis Battlehawks in (-10)!
You know, I might be I did my research and also St Louis is up there with Roughnecks and the Defenders as clubs in this league.
Throw in the fact that it’s a house opener with some of the greatest sports fans on the planet and I believe we have a winner.
Get those bets right now!

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