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The NFC East is fast becoming a struggle of success and if some of those teams are going to be at 0.500 at the end of the season. Dallas still found a way to lose and had a very hard match against a severely depleted New England Patriots team. The second-place Eagles looked monumentally worse to the Seattle Seahawks as poor as the loss was.
The Eagles accident list is akin to a MASH unit but it is still no excuse not to execute simple plays that benefit yards and move the chains. The Eagles had five turnovers mostly credited to their own $128 million championships Carsen Wentz. Upon further review, Wentz was having to manage the weakest unit of offensive players, particularly at the skill positions in many seasons.
Cuts rounded instead of squaring off them to make separation from the guardian. Worse they ran the wrong route to where Wentz expected them to become frequently cutting. In an easy to execute drop back and ditch play into a working back, the running inexplicably stopped, also Wentz ended up throwing it on his head. In all honesty, I haven’t seen a runningback stop in his tracks where the play is created to grab the ball with 35, to receive a ball and in distance to maximize the gain.
Eagle lovers ought to be mad at the item on the field and the blame MUST go on the poor coaching that Pederson and his team are accountable for. I had been not able to hear head coach Pederson state”that for the turnovers….” In one of the answers to some question. Are you kidding me? If not for the turnovers? This is the NFL and not the”Would have, Could’ve, Should’ve Club” my pals.
As the two players were not on the exact identical page, pederson also mentioned the drama of wide receiver Arcega-Whiteside and Wentz. Exactly the same page? How about not even the same bookstore? I maintain from the Eagles’ Super Bowl-winning year, they now have gotten rid of the quarterback, but they have much larger problems than who’s under center. Thus issues I cannot see how any group could overcome them in 1.
The Eagles offense is really horribly poor they held MVP-candidate Russell Wilson to a 75-passer rating and a quarterback named Tom Brady into some rating and dropped both games.
The Dolphins are 2-2 over veteran Harvard man Ryan Fitzpatrick and their last four matches has brought about a sense of calm. They also have covered five of their past seven matches against the spread. At the day’s end, the Dolphins are more organized as a team compared to Eagles’ present viral ailments.
The Eagles’ offense ranks 23rd having obtained 3,665 offensive yards along with the Dolphins rank 30th gaining 2,914 yards that are offensive. The NFL league average is 6.3 yards-per-pass attempt and the Eagles and Dolphins are under that level. The Dolphins do position third-best from the NFL.
Even the Miami secondary will not be analyzed since there are no wide receivers on the roster which could extend defenses with paths that are vertical. You can bet that Miami provides a wide selection of blitz plays to stress Wentz and induce him to make mistakes forcing moves.
This system isn’t hard to use and understand. It’s earned a 51-22 ATS record good for 70 percent winning bets. Play of -3 or worse.
NFL Upset Alert Best Bet: Miami Dolphins +9 offered at 5Dimes.

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