NFL playoff race: Who’s hot, who’s not? Chiefs streaking, Titans making late push

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Which teams are getting hot at the ideal time ahead of the NFL playoffs? Which are slumping with 3 months to go?
Many others have shown fearing signs of fading off while some teams have threatened to cancel a late surge.
This is our view those that are hot and the ones which are not on the back of a stunning Week 14…
It’s not the fact they’ve won nine straight that’s impressive. It is the fact theydestroyed playoff-calibre teams,’ve defeated contenders along the way, also won in many ways.
In the next half of the season, they’ve defeated the Bills, Patriots, 49ers and Seahawks, to proceed with an 86-13 point differential in weeks against the Texans and Rams. They are edging – aided with a New England decrease this weekend – since they have emerged as the summit favourites.
What a turnaround it has been since Ryan Tannehill to the Titans happened over as the starter in Week Seven. In that moment, he has led the team to a 6-1 record, completed 73 percent of his passes, thrown 15 touchdowns into four selections and had a QB rating of 121.7.
Insert in Derrick Henry, who has handled an yards and seven touchdowns and this team is still getting hot at the ideal moment. Sitting at the seventh seed as a wild card and fitting the Texans’ record in the divisionthey have their destiny in their hands as they play with Houston double.
The Chiefs had a tiny mid-season slump after beginning 4-0 – which was before Patrick Mahomes suffered a dislocated kneecap. After a loss on his return, the Chiefs have come up with 3 straight wins, including two critical AFC West victories along with a triumph in New England last week.
Somehow he is flying under the radar as he is not operating at the breakneck pace he was in the start of the season, but a year’s MVP Mahomes has nevertheless chucked for 21 touchdowns to only 3 interceptions having a passer rating of 105.3 year. As when he gets hot, watch out, no one may wish to deal with the Chiefs.
Is there enough time to get a late surge for Chicago? They are currently giving it all to try and sneak into the sixth seed, but may want things to go their own way.
Despite stringing Mitchell Trubisky lighting it up in the past two matches with seven total touchdowns and impressive showings with his arm and legs, the Bears face the 10-3 Packers, 9-4 Chiefs and 9-4 Vikings in their past 3 games, and are already one game behind Minnesota in the fight for its sixth seed.
The Steelers are the very under-the-radar team. They have not had any’trademark’ wins and possess figure out how to scrape close wins with an outstanding defense along with a mixture of Mason Rudolph and undrafted rookie Devlin Hodges at dusk.
Hodges has won four consecutive games to start his profession despite throwing just 71 passes. That is a well-coached, tough football team – but will they hold on to the seed? Pittsburgh confront Buffalo and Baltimore in the previous three weeks (and also the Jets on the road) and also have Tennessee nipping at their heels.
We asked: what is going wrong for Tom Brady? The Hall of Famer had fought, and New England had lost two of those previous four. They dropped again – to a postseason competition in the Chiefs, that ended their 21-game home winning series.
This is not the perfect time for any offense to fight as much as they can be, and also the defense is not at the elite level it was earlier in the year. There’s some concern although New England are reborn in January anyway. Brady has finished just 51.5 per cent of his passes in the past month with a 72.5 passer rating. It won’t be good.
With Buffalo right behind these, the Week 16 clash between the two is enormous.
The woes continued last Thursday as Dallas dropped their third consecutive game – and fourth of their five that were last – into the Bears. In the end, the season will probably return to next week’s NFC East decider when they see the Eagles. However they have to prove they deserve in the playoffs or else they will end up’one and done’ again.
Somehow, they nevertheless possess the team’s best crime when it regards yardage (along with also a top-10 defense), therefore there’s potential there. But will the team go to war to get head coach Jason Garrett?
At one stage in this summer, the Colts looking at fine form and were 5-2 with a 2-0 division record. Ever since then, theylost the season and’ve crashed down to earth. They could officially still squeeze in – they are just two games behind the Texans and Titans – but it’s going to be a wonder if they do.
Andrew Luck’s retirement did finally alter the direction of the group, and they’ll have some decisions to produce the offseason. Where do they go from here?
Four months ago, after proceeding to 6-4, Oakland were formally in the mix from the AFC. They so were and had won three straight.
Since then, they’ve given up at least 34 points in three consecutive matches – including a shocker against the Jets – and price themselves a playoff area. Like Indy, they can also slip in – and they do play with three teams in the Broncos, both the Chargers and Jacksonville – but it may be too late.

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