NFL record: UK fan to visit 32 stadiums in 84 days

It is a sporting bucket record excursion which is included with some Guinness World Record as a momento.
Jacob Barnor out of Leeds is one game away from viewing each of the 32 NFL teams.
The 25-year-old will finish his American odyssey at Atlanta Falcons’ home match against the New Orleans Saints.
The best for a finishing a home of NFL places was set in December 2016.
Barnor has been documenting his experience on Instagram and Twitter, shooting in the a variety of tailgate parties around the action in addition to the stadiums.
“I’d had the fantasy of doing a trip in which I would do five stadiums and I thought it would be cool to get all over my life,” he told
“I began to investigate it and I stumbled upon the present listing of 86 days, 10 hours and 25 minutes put by Alicia Barnhart in 2015 and that I thought to myself’that could be so trendy’. It never did, although it had been an idea which I thought would go away. Therefore, when the program came out in April and I realised it was possible I made a decision to go for this and I am.”
His trip has entailed jump on national US flights to keep yourself updated with the fixture list. Barnor, that has been asked to gather proof of his trip with a GPS tracker along with movies of their play of each game he’s attended, states that he funded his travels using money which he had saved for a home.
“I had been saving up for years and I said,’if I hit that amount that could function as deposit for a house’,” he added.
“I then had this thought and realised it’s probably about exactly the identical sum of money. I thought I’ll probably never do it If I do not do so now. I will save up afterwards and find a home, so it seemed to be the logical thing to do.”

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