NFL Scouting Combine: Joe Burrow waves away hand size concerns

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Reigning Trophy winner and expected No 1 draft pick Joe Burrow offered a retort for anybody.
After information surfaced Monday the nine inches were quantified by Burrow’s hands – on the end of this scope which employees evaluators prefer at a quarterback – the former LSU star took using a response.
“Considering retirement later I was informed the football will soon be slipping out of my small hands,” Burrow wrote. “Please keep me in your thoughts.”
Burrow is coming off one of the best seasons by a quarterback in college football history and is nominated as the favorite to go into the Cincinnati Bengals in the April draft.
He measured at 6ft 3in and 221lbs at Indianapolis on Monday, using 30??7/8-inch arms and nine-inch palms (measured from pinky to thumb with the hand fully spread).
The latter figure will equal the smallest of any first-round quarterback since 2008, combined with Jared Goff (No 1 overall at 2016) and Ryan Tannehill (Number at 2012).
While many favor to Enhance chunk security scouts and executives normally consider anything for an issue.
Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, whose inches were quantified by hand in the 2017 mix, joined in to laugh onto Twitter with Burrow.
“My little hands are doing fine so far…I believe in ,” the 2018 MVP and reigning Super Bowl champion wrote.
Burrow finished a whopping 76.3 percent of his moves 5,671 metres, 60 touchdowns and six interceptions in 2019, leading the Tigers to a perfect time and the national title after winning the College Football Playoff.
He even won the Heisman in a landslide that place lots of records that were voting.
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