Nigel Pearson: Watford boss says Premier League return ‘surprising’

Nigel Pearson admits it had been”somewhat surprising” which Watford chose to punish him as their new head coach.
Pearson last managed at Leicester in 2015 and since then he has had a stint in control of Derby in the Sky Bet Championship along with a spell.
He left Derby at September 2016 with all the side 20th in the league following a row owner Mel Morris at the helm after four weeks, although he was sacked by OH Leuven during February this year.
But, Pearson said he was delighted to be back managing in the top-flight, telling reporters that he is”really prompted” to kickstart bottom-club Watford’s season ahead of Saturday’s trip to leaders Liverpool.
“It feels really good to be back into the Premier League,” Pearson said. “A bit surprising, but I am back at the sharp end. I am thrilled with this possibility. If it would come about, I wasn’t positive.
“We’ve had a tough year but it’s something that I’m really motivated to do. I want to get us going in the ideal direction.
“The team appeared in my strengths and felt I was the ideal person to come in. It was clear in my head they needed someone like me to galvanise team and the staff .
“It will not be easy but it’s surely possible”
Pearson said that he wishes to adopt inclusivity and open-mindedness, with a focus on direction and a newfound view from his or her players when quizzed on what he’d bring to Watford.
“I have an extremely open-minded view on bringing individuals together,” he added.
“I will try and be as inclusive as you can, but also give different messages and show leadership. That is what is needed at this moment. The players want belief in their own and each other.”

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