Northern Ireland would love to play Euro 2020 games in Dublin

The Irish Football Association has been”looking forward” to the possibility of team games in Dublin at Euro 2020, should they qualify by using both play-off games.
Five times 30, northern Ireland travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina to get a on March 26 before a Possible final of Ireland.
Qualification would guarantee team games in the capital city, that hasn’t fazed IFA officials of Ireland.
“We’re excited about going to Bosnia,” Patrick Nelson, IFA chief executive, told Sky Sports News on the eve of the Euro 2020 draw in Romania.
“We will be confident going there, maybe not over-confident, but we’ll look to deliver the last game back to Belfast.
“Within our play-off path, we’ve got the Republic of Ireland. They are among those 2020 hosts, they’re twinned using Bilbao, thus we are aware that we would be in a team with Spain and we would wind up matches at Dublin, should we do wrong. So, we’re very much looking forward to this.”
A month, michael O’Neill was appointed Stoke director, but may direct Northern Ireland in the play-offs, along with the IFA has to talk about his future.
“That is something we haven’t discussed with Michael or using Stoke City,” Nelson added. “To be frank, it’s a bridge that we will cross when, and if, we ever get there. Let’s not worry about that one just yet.
“We have had a fantastic eight years under Michael. The past 3 campaigns, we’ve been in excess of our expectations. If we arrive, an evening in Belfast is going to be hard for anyone.”
O’Neill directed Northern Ireland in Russia into their first tournament in 30 decades, the previous 16 of Euro 2016 at France, and also a place from the play-offs for the summer World Cup.
The IFA believe their players are untouched by O’Neill carrying two roles.
“I don’t think it’s having any effect at all,” Nelson explained. “Michael has been fantastic for all of us. He has had a fantastic beginning at Stoke, together with just two wins out of three matches. He is known by our squad quite well. He’ll be focused on Stoke City. Then he will be centered in March on our matches.
“We’re anticipating visiting Bosnia. We will be confident going there, maybe not over-confident, however, we will look to bring the last match back into Belfast.”

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