Nurmagomedov vs Ferguson Odds Analysis

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The UFC title is Online Once More on April 18.

Khabib”The Eagle” Nurmagomedov is currently producing his third title defense against former lightweight champion Tony”El Cucuy” Ferguson. The event is not yet been named but it will be a PPV event along with the champ, Nurmagomedov, is still a -225 favorite with the challenger, Ferguson, coming straight back at +185.
Here is the time these two warriors are matched up against one another, yet they’ve never fulfilled in the cage. The prior four proposed bouts have been canceled since he was hospitalized following weight cut complications pulling two times, once for the second and harm. Ferguson has pulled out twice, suffering a knee injury in April 2018 along with a lung injury the first time when he tripped over a TV cable and tore a ligament. Nevertheless, here we are, Following the canceled event, UFC president Dana White, said he would not book this struggle again.
Here is the battle as Ferguson is about a winning series, with two of those scraps MMA fans have been craving for years. Meanwhile, Nurmagomedov is a perfect 28-0, such as a perfect 12-0 at the UFC and has beaten the who is who of the lightweight division. The last time Khabib was a favored with Ferguson and this time around the chances are right across the same. I believe this line must be a good deal closer to some pick’em and there is value on El Cucuy.
Curious as of November 30
Nurmagomedov is rag dolling his competitors when he gets his hands , an incredible grappler, throwing them to the ground and smashing them with an ground and pound. The pressure he puts on his foes leaves them tired and he finishes them or proceeds to maul them. Though he had been hurt at UFC 242 contrary to Dustin Poirier in his own defense his striking has enhanced recently however he does a good job.
Ferguson, the challenger, is a athlete, using a very dangerous submission match and top-level striking. El Cucuy has unorthodox striking throwing elbows turning strikes, knees , all from awkward angles that are tough to find up and if he lands the damage on his competitors’ face is evident immediately. Ferguson also is a college national wrestling champion winning back??in 2006 so if he wishes to keep.
A really interesting battle as Nurmagomedov swarms his opponents earns the victory and gases them out. That said, Ferguson is equally as great on the ground , seemingly never gets tired, has exceptional and has conditioning. I think the champ will need to actually have the first 3 rounds and become a defensive shell at the back half of the fight if he wishes to keep the title, while the challenger might have to keep the fight standing where he ought to have a major edge.

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