Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: Man Utd manager ready for Jose Mourinho ‘circus’ at Tottenham

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is ready for the”circus” which may accompany Jose Mourinho’s return to the Premier League.
Eleven weeks after being chased by United, Mourinho yields to the dugout at the London Stadium on Saturday if his Tottenham side that is fresh play West Ham.
Spurs turned off scores of journalists and restricted access to Mourinho’s initial news conference Thursday.
“Jose coming back is going to be quite a spectacle,” said Solskjaer.
The Norwegian had a glimpse of what was coming when he watched a tv broadcast before Friday’s press conference to preview Sunday’s trip to Sheffield United, where it was made clear journalists would be inquiring about Mourinho, along with the availability of the guy he replaced at Spurs, Mauricio Pochettino, that has long-been viewed as a possible United boss.
Before he was asked a question, solskjaer tried to take control of this scenario.
“Sorry to disappoint you but it is not going to be about Jose or Mauricio,” he explained.
But three of Solskjaer’s first six replies were about those two, using a further question at the end of midfielder Nemanja Matic liking a social networking article which suggested a further reunion with Mourinho – who has bought the Serbian if he was in charge at Chelsea and United.
“It’s good to have Jose back, particularly for you men,” said Solskjaer. “Maybe for me too since you may talk and write about everything else.”
Tottenham’s trip to Old Trafford to get a Premier League match on 4 December will provide an connection between Solskjaer along with the man he replaced, initially on a temporary basis, in the center of last season.
The name of pochettino will probably be a diversion that is more lasting.
The Argentine is preferred to be the next United boss and while club resources have repeatedly stressed how they view Solskjaer as a long term appointment, any unwanted result is sure to be followed by hints the guy who shot Tottenham to last season’s Champions League final should be appointed in the Norwegian’s place.
Yet Solskjaer stated:”It does not bother me at all since I’ve got the best job on earth.
“I am sure if you are in or from a job and you are a manager, you’d want this job, therefore it does not really matter whatever happens about it.
“I’ve got to concentrate on my job in Manchester United and do it as well as I can. I speak with Ed (Woodward) and also the owners all the time about how we will move the club forward.
“That does not change if a few other clubs alter their managers.”

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