Orlando Magic vs Atlanta Hawks NBA Pick – February 26

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The NBA is set up using a solid night of activity on Wednesday. Six matches are up on the board throughout the night of February 26. One of those games will be a matchup between the Orlando Magic and the Atlanta Hawks. The Magic are at a playoff spot at this time, although the Hawks are near the bottom of the standings. This game will tip off time.
The Magic have made a listing of 25-32 for this stage in the season, which includes them sitting in area of the East. Orlando includes. The Magic are a game and a half back in the seventh seed too. Orlando has been coming off a win in their last game and have won three of their past four.
Atlanta is now tied for fifteenth place of the Eastern Conference. The Hawks have put up a listing of 17-42 to this point in this season. The Hawks are nine games from the last playoff spot, which remains potential if they get rolling shortly. Atlanta is coming off a loss, however had won twice in a row. The Hawks will look to acquire one at home in this one.
Orlando has got the much better time so far, but the Hawks still have an opportunity if they can obtain their staff rolling. I expect these two teams to come out at Wednesday to try and make a huge win. Both teams will look to build upon this on February 25 also have had some success in their games.
These two teams have met three times per season. The very first matchup was in Atlanta on October 26. 23 points dropped for the Magic, but it wasn’t enough. 39 points dropped, while Jabari Parker and Kevin Huerter had 10 points off the seat. This helped lead the Hawks.
The next game of the year show shifted to Orlando. While Evan Fournier put up 22 points, nikola Vucevic finished with 27 points. This was not sufficient to help direct the Magic. Brandon Goodwin finished with 21 points, while Alex Len had 18 points and 12 rebounds off the bench. Atlanta managed to win one 101-93.
The Magic hosted the latest and third game of the season series on February 10. Trae Young had 9 assists and 29 points and 22 points were earned by John Collins . Nikola Vucevic aaron Gordan, Evan Fournier and Terrence Ross set more than 20 factors up to help knock off the Hawks. Orlando finished at home with the 135-126 win.
Last year swept the season series, but missing the year’s series’ first two games. Both groups are in places that are comparable this season since they were in final year. Orlando managed to make a huge win and I believe they will build on that game within this matchup.
Orlando hasn’t been the best season this year shooting. The Magic have been in a position to make about 43.4 percent of their shots from the field, which will be next to the past from the NBA. Orlando is shooting at around 33.5% from behind the arc, which is third worst. The Magic have produced 48.9 percent of their shots inside the arc, which is second last in the league.
The Hawks are a tiny bit better shooting from the field this season. Atlanta has drained about 44.7 percent of the shots in the area. The Hawks have the worst three point shooting in the NBA this season, just making 32.7 of their shots from deep. Atlanta is in the NBA from within the arc, with a shooting percentage of 52.6 percent.
These two teams have been off to poor starts to shooting this season, when it comes. The Hawks have an advantage in this game when it comes to shooting. The Magic have had a defense, although in regards to shooting orlando has struggled. It might give them a opportunity to earn the win In case Atlanta can shut as well.
Nikola Vucevic has experienced a strong showing this year, making an average of 19 points and 11 rebounds per game throughout this season. Evan Fournier is currently averaging 19 points a game this season. Aaron Gordan has averaged 14.5 points and 7.5 rebounds per game this year, although Terrence Ross is averaging 13.5 points. Markelle Fultz and D.J. Augustin have dropped over 10 points a game also.
The Hawks have seen a terrific season from Trae Young. He is averaging this year. John Collins has averaged 21 points and 10.5 rebounds per game this year. Jabari Parker is averaging 15 points a game this year, although De’Andre Hunter has averaged 12.5 points per game.
Both teams have seen a solid quantity of production in their own lineup. Jonathan Isaac is outside to the Magic, which blows off their lineup. Orlando will seem to slow down Young since he is someone that can really take a match over. It must help them pull off the win in the road In the event Young can be held by the Magic into a more quiet night.
The Hawks are currently coming to this matchup of the season collection, having a 2-1 series lead over Orlando. I expect the Magic to look for their defense to dominate to allow them to take over. The Magic will look to become hot from the area early. If Orlando can keep a number of these top players that are Hawks to a night, I believe they’ll have the ability to make a win.
BetOnline has the Magic. This provides a slight advantage to Orlando on Wednesday night. The Magic are at the street in this game, but I believe that they can knock the Hawks. I believe that Orlando will have the ability to cover this spread, even though it comes down to free throws late in the game.

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