Ospreys chairman Rob Davies says British and Irish league will be in place from 2022

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Ospreys chairman Rob Davies considers a league that is Irish and British will be established in.
Davies called a more secure future after a tumultuous period for their rivals and Ospreys.
CVC has spent in the English Premiership and Davies expects their in-principle #120m for the Pro14 to direct to Irish contest.
Davies said talks are”proceeding quite well”.
He added:”This will allow another perspective, planning towards a year in a much better, more structured way so that you can fit on your league and Six Nations at a more orderly fashion rather than having this disjointed way that it now is.
“That’s the chance and that is what makes it thrilling. It [a British and Irish league] is going to maintain 2022.
“It’s as certain as once you get these hedge funds demanded and there is lots of cash on the table. Something is going to take place.
“It is going to be nothing to do with me personally, but I will vote for it.”
Davies claims recent improvements in Welsh rugby’s Professional Rugby Board (PRB), the umbrella body to the Welsh Rugby Union and areas Ospreys, Dragons, Scarlets and Cardiff Blues, offer hope for the future.
Rows over a merger of Ospreys with Blues, subsequently Scarlets, that ended in bitterness and rancour bedeviled last year.
But after saying last year the Ospreys had their funding cut by #900,000, Davies thinks that the future looks brighter for all Wales’ teams, especially with the boost of #35m to the match from the CVC bargain.
“With the help of the PRB and many others we’re making great progress into achieving our ambition to be an extremely competitive region when the British & Irish League starts,” said Davies.
“All of the TV prices are due to expire in two years time: 2022 year old.
“What will happen is that the CVC who have an interest in the English team are attempting to secure the rights into the Nations. That discussion is improved.
“As you might imagine when you are dealing with the English, French, Irish and Scots, then add from the Italians and the French, it’s not going to be easy to get consensus.
“However, those discussions are proceeding quite nicely. The timescale for that is probably the middle towards the close of the autumn internationals next year”
Davies joined the PRB in March, 2019 at an explosive moment in the history of Welsh regional rugby.
He indicated a soul of co-operation has since prevailed, saying:”I have been engaged for seven weeks now and last week was most likely one of the biggest steps forward that plank has taken, we agreed the new distribution model, that guarantees financing for a period of years.
“Since the game went professional in 1995 it’s possibly the most exciting development I will recall. It’s essential for the future of this game in Wales.
“It is an arrangement that provides all of us a fair opportunity to build a business model”
Davies was speaking as Ospreys confirmed Allen Clarke has abandoned his role of head coach and says trainer development should improve in Wales as a consequence of this PRB financing model.
“It’s a pre-requisite today as part of our business model we’ve got a particular quantity of funds for coaching.
“There’s a perception, rightly or wrongly – probably rightly – that training in Wales has been under-funded. We don’t develop, especially well, our trainers. We have never had that many arriving .
“But there is a bigger amount of money readily available for all areas to invest in the growth of coaches, but in particular the quality of the coaching set-up.
“And these funds became accessible just last weekso as part of this review we’ll be looking to execute the capital available to people at the most effective possible manner and I guess we will be having a procedure starting quite quickly.”

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