Oxford reject Blackpool’s request to speak to head coach Karl Robinson

Oxford United have declined a request from Blackpool to talk to head coach Karl Robinson.
After a run of just one win in 12 matches left 14th in League 23, blackpool stunt director Simon Grayson on February 12.
Talking to Sky Sports News, Oxford chairman Sumrith’Tiger’ Thanakarnjanasuth stated:”When a team is performing well there’ll always be interest in the manager as well as players; this is inevitable and we thank Blackpool for going through the ideal procedure.
“That which has been done properly and we wish them well in their search for a new manager.
“Karl is a central part of that which we are building and I expect will be here for several years to come.
“To set the record straight, we spoke to Blackpool yesterday before the match but I did not want to disturb Karl’s pre-match regular.
“It was unlucky that rumours began coming out just before kick-off, but I rang immediately following the game though Karl was quite busy as normal at that time, and by that point it was 5am at Bangkok and even I want a little sleep sometimes!
“We spoke this afternoon, and we talked a lot about last night’s match, an important win, then about our plans for the rest of the season.
“The team is playing well right now and we are chasing down the teams . It will be such an exciting end and we look forward to facing the challenge ”
Oxford conquer Accrington Stanley 3-0 on Tuesday night. The triumph was their third in a row and also leaves Robinson’s side only one step off the play-off areas.

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