PA Might Be Winning The War, But NJ Online Poker Is Holding Its Own

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The first New Jersey online poker championship to compete with Pennsylvania’s internet poker market is now still underway.
The Fox Bet and PokerStars Bounty Builder Series dealt its original cards on Feb. 20 to gamers from both PA and NJ online poker rooms. March 1, the occasion, which is made up of 32 match events that are progressive, will conclude.
After the first weekend, the clear winner is PA.. Surprisingly New Jersey held its very own.
When comparing the results of the two poker markets, side by side, it’s apparent the NJ was outperformed by PA. It exceeded its guarantees and’d nearly 125% more entries.
This shouldn’t be a surprise it is a marketplace that is bigger. Internet poker is still”new” in the state, and PokerStars is the only live online poker app in PA..
On the surface, it is not difficult to observe that PokerStars understands the NJ market as the majority of the tournaments hardly exceeded the submitted guarantee. PA, on the other hand, is a little all over the area, with some tournaments beating the guarantees by over twice.
PokerStars PA collected through the 11 events, 38. PokerStars NJ also performed well, securing $138,000 in prize money, eclipsing its submitted promises.
When it has to do with total admissions, PA (5,592) wins the category by producing a staggering 125 percent more sign-ups compared to NJ (2,487).
It appears like New Jersey online poker players have been showing up to the virtual felt to rebuy over PA players, however. Re-entries at NJ accounted for 35 percent of the total admissions, although it was just 30% of their total PA..
Both online poker niches started their individual series with a powerful opening event, event No. 1 Bounty Builder collection kickoff.
PA welcomed 266 gamers rebuying 97 occasions for a entire prize pool of $33,323.40. The warranty for this event has been $20,000, which set the stage for a strong tournament turnout.
NJ also started strong — not nearly as strong as PA — but strong, nonetheless. There were 103 NJ poker players took on the felt. Paired with the number of rebuys (58), the NJ version exceeded its guarantee ($12,000) by $2,779.80.
It didn’t take long to the overlay to rear its ugly head. Well, it was awful for PokerStars.
Both online poker niches had one event that failed to fulfill its own warranty.
In NJ, event No. 10 Storm, the $10 Bounty Builder edition, missed its $4,000 warranty by $481. Regrettably, PA needed to cough up a sizeable overlay of $6,854 for occasion No. 11 Sunday Special, the $200 Bounty Builder version.
Although there was some concern at running simultaneous events in NJ and PA, it appears as if the two markets are currently holding their own.
It is too early to call it a victory although we wish to. The disparity in guarantees will probably come to the Sunday.
There are just five events to the calendar. PA is providing $165,000 in guarantees throughout the day using a $100,000 guaranteed principal event. On the other hand, NJ has just $97,500 with a 65,000 guaranteed event, in warranties.
Where players appear on the Sunday will be telling. Maybe poker players are chasing the cash ; maybe they are simply pleased to play from home.

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