Panthers vs. Golden Knights NHL Pick – February 22, 2020

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Even the Florida Panthers continue their road trip out west with a stop in Las Vegas on Saturday. The club of joel Quenneville includes before going home for a four-game homestand two more roadies. After that things will get a bit tricky for the Panthers. 8 of the next 11 games will take place on the street, since the Panthers enter a part of the schedule in the season’s month.
That is likely to be the make or break section of the year to the Panthers. They have handled this road trip fairly well so far, with wins from the Sharks and Ducks, although faltered at the Staples Center from the Kings. That was a game they may look back at the season’s close.
The Panthers are two points behind the Maple Leaf for 3rd in the Atlantic Division. As far as there is a wildcard concerned, the Panthers are a stage behind the Blue Jackets and two points behind the Canadiens. For all those new to the NHL, the teams from each division go along with two wildcards to create eight groups up.
Florida is still on the bubble right now, and can’t afford to be dropping like the Kings to non-playoff teams down the stretch. They are going to need to steal a few games against teams that are great on the street where they’ll be playing with a lot of matches in March. A win tonight could make it three out of four matches.
For the Panthers go deep and to get to the playoffs, it is likely to require Sergei Bobrovsky to grow up and start making his pay. He signed up with the Panthers with the jackets, but the results have not been there. Yes, he had a much better defence. Nevertheless, Bobrovsky is earning elite goaltending cash better than average to bad numbers should come with this.
For almost any goaltender, irrespective of pay cheque size, the amounts have yet to be desirable. There is still time for Bobrovsky to be a saviour. Bobrovsky includes a chore in vegas before him. The Golden Knights simply torched the Lightning, and could do the same. Head below to our complimentary Panthers vs. Golden Knights select.
Bobrovsky has posted a 3.29 GAA and 0.898 save percentage in 47 games this year. For a moment there it seemed like he turned into a corner, but he has been struggling lately. For every fantastic start he’s had, there is three or four outings that are poor. That is not likely to have it done for the Panthers, and as a result, they are 29th at the NHL with 3.34 goals against per game. The only teams who were worse would be the New Jersey Devils and Red Wings.
Neither Red Wings or the Devils are everywhere near the playoffs. Even the Toronto Maple Leafs in 26th with 3.23 goals against per game is the only other group playing that poorly defensively and still threatening for a cursory look. In their previous ten games, the Panthers have enabled 3.7 goals per contest, so it’s been more of the same. I think a whole lot of people, myself included, anticipated Bovrovsky to receive his head together and make hot.
That hasn’t been the case. It is almost March and he’s still looking for his game that he must have abandoned Columbus. Get things done for next year and he might have to hit the reset button at the summertime. His offence might have the ability to carry him to the playoffs, though. Bobrovsky will not have a lot of time. Florida is 5th in the league using 3.46 goals scored per match. That is what’s been holding that the Panthers up this season, but at some point it must be got by Bobrovsky together.
The Panthers need to take care of a Golden Knights staff who must be feeling optimistic after the screen they put on against the Lightning. Alec Martinez, the brand-new acquisition in the Kings, scored a goal to have the party. The Knights have scored at least 3 goals with a mean of $ 3.7 per game in their previous ten outings.
They have performed better at home , with scored 3.38 goals per match. However, the defence and Marc-Andre Fleury has regressed at T-Mobile Arena. Fleury owns a 2.96 GAA and 0.899 save percentage in vegas, and as a group, they’ve let a total of 3.16 goals per game in your home. This has the makings of an entertaining 4-3 game using the complete OVER.

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