Pep Guardiola says Manchester City can’t lose again in Premier League

Pep Guardiola admits Manchester City can’t afford to lose anymore games when they are to land a third successive Premier League title.
City course Jurgen Klopp’s team leaders, who’ve dropped only two points so far this season, by nine points before Saturday’s meeting against Newcastle at St James’ Park.
Guardiola says he could not have imagined their 2-1 defeat at Newcastle last year would precede a winning run which saw them finally overturn a shortage.
The City boss rejects the assertion that the defeat Liverpool earlier this month could, likewise, prove to be a turning point in their campaign.
“I’m not thinking about the amount of games we must win. I know we can’t lose matches,” Guardiola said.
“I am not thinking about winning the Premier League now. I never thought, in the decades we won,’we still must do so to win the Premier League’. We have to get past Leicester Liverpool.
“The goal when you play this contest every three days, games in various competitions, is [about] the subsequent one. Choose the best player for this specific game and try to win.”
City face another week with their game at Newcastle followed by a second trip to Burnley on Tuesday ahead of the derby against Manchester United in the Etihad on Saturday, in the league effort, live on Sky Sports.
Guardiola insists that the manner of the side’s response to this defeat last year ensured the game was consigned to the past.
“It’s forgotten. We performed slow, didn’t attack. We forgot to strike,” he explained.
“We have learned from this and talked about it. We had a lousy day. It wasn’t the way. We have to be ourselves.
“Saying the fact is not to be mad. Newcastle made a good defensive operation, had two shots on target like we can and we did not play.
“We tried to be who we are out of the next match. At the moment I did not think we’d win the Premier League and 14 games in a row.”
Guardiola denied to answer inquiries when quizzed on his assistant trainer, although mikel Arteta has surfaced to replace the Unai Emery at Arsenal.
“He is in the group, he also travels to Newcastle,” explained Guardiola.
When pressedthe Spaniard included:”It is not a question for me.”

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