Pep Guardiola says Manchester City won’t give up in Premier League title race

Pep Guardiola has insisted Manchester City have shown they will never give up during his tenure as they struggle to reevaluate a nine-point deficit.
City, who course Leicester defeated Chelsea 2-1 on Saturday to proceed third, while Liverpool maintained their unbeaten record this season with a win at Crystal Palace.
Guardiola is determined his squad won’t eliminate faith, after trailing Liverpool by seven points at the same 35, particularly once they became the first team in a short time last season.
“The only pressure we can have is that we are going to lose the Premier League. It is not the first time at Manchester City’s 125-year history which they [can ] lose the Premier League,” Guardiola stated.
“[If] people shed the Premier League we all will try again next season.
“We didn’t give up last season which is why we won . Perhaps we are going to lose but this team never gives up. This team attempts and this is why we [overcome against Chelsea ] against an unbelievable upper side.
“But if you think that with the Norwich conquer and another ones that I’m likely to doubt my players since they [allegedly ] did not try you’re wrong.
“Because if they do not, [then] last year we wouldn’t have been in a position to do what we have done after winning 100 points in the Premier League, that had never occurred before.
“Even this year we are there. Norwich, Wolves and [against] Liverpool. One [item ] is that the outcome.
“We have to judge the result but once I try to judge performances. I see every morning my team and I don’t have doubts we aren’t likely to try.”
Guardiola, who’s into his fourth season at the Etihad, said he was concentrated on his side demonstrating hunger that was enough to climb the league table and expectations of success were unrealistic.
“It looks likewe won the last two Premier League [names ], we have to win seven Premier League’s in a row and also you need to create 200 points each season.
“It does not work in that way in the very high level. Games are lost by tennis players. In golf not always the championship is won by Tommy Fleetwood.
“What is important is to understand our spirit after being 1-0 down.
“How we perform at Anfield and within every match. That’s precisely what I wish to view in my group. We are still in November so that we still have many games to play.”
Guardiola has never managed over four decades at one club but he has no intention of stopping City, even if the league name is surrendered by them.
Asked whether winning the team title this year would rank as his best accomplishment for a manager, he replied:”The biggest achievement in the Premier League was last season, undoubtedly.
“If we get it done I am not going to retire. But I will be disappointed.
“In November I’m not interested in winning the Premier League.”
He added:”I promise you when I’ll see my group not fighting or without soul, a lack of strength or desire I shall say,’I don’t like my group and how they play’.
“In these 3 years and a half we are collectively the folks may say we play good or we’ve played poor, but [never] give up”

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