Phil Taylor says he would still make the World Darts Championship final

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The legendary Phil Taylor insists he would have the ability to make the World Darts Championship final, but his hip has prevented him from building a jolt comeback.
The unprecedented world winner retired following the conclusion of this 2018 tournament two decades past, but admits that he still feels competitive.
When asked if he would have liked to play with at the upcoming world championship which starts on Friday, live on Sky Sports Darts he replied:”When I am watching, yes. I am not a really big watcher of all darts when I watch it, but I do like it.
“However, you wish to playwith. You are thinking’I can beat on him’. That is the sole reason.
“They’d love it! Michael [van Gerwen] would like me to be in the World Championships, expect me.”
Taylor, who amassed 79 PDC titles during his career, dropped his last match against Rob Cross from the 2018 closing.
The 59-year-old from Stoke-on-Trent added that he had been given the chance to play at Alexandra Palace this season, he’d be assured of getting to the latter phases of the championship.
He said:”When I’d a wildcard, I would. I’d beat half of them with no bother. I would arrive at the closing!”
But a return into darts appears unlikely for Taylor, declaring that he has thought about entering the UK Open, however, health reasons have prevented him from doing this.
Taylor added:”I thought about it , but I’ve got other things that have come in now sadly. I have never got the time.
“My hip has gone. I’ve got arthritis in my hip. It has been going for about 10 decades but I’ve got time now to just sip and get it done and the time to recover.”
“I was going to go and put in it only for a little bit of fun, to see just how much I could get through. To find out their faces laughing at me.”
The activity returns with all the World Championship at Alexandra Palace. It all gets underway on Friday, December 13 on Sky Sports Darts.
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