Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: Mikel Arteta hopes to convince striker to stay at Arsenal

Mikel Arteta hopes he could convince Arsenal’s”most important player” Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to remain at the club once he scored twice to help the Gunners into a 3-2 triumph over Everton.
Aubameyang now has 60 from 95 games to the London club and 19 goals this year.
It’s been noted he wishes to perform next season and has since been linked with a move, that.
“Before I took more than I had my questions about him but he has shown his devotion,” said Arteta.
“I needed him to reveal if he wished to take action and do it physically.
“I’m so satisfied with him. He is scoring important targets and as a captain he’s giving a excellent example to everyone else with the way he’s working ”
Aubameyang contract runs till the summer of 2021.
He’s been connected into Barcelona, who tried to sign him.
“They’re totally right to want him because he is a super player,” lasted Arteta. “It’s right that big teams such as him. Hopefully we could convince him that this is place.
“I think that it’s been hard for him since he’s big expectations. He wishes to play at the biggest competitions and with the players that are best. We have to help him do that. He wants to feel fulfilled.
“He is our most important player, regardless of that the effect that he has in this particular team. We will have to convince him to remain with us.”
The Gabon demonstrated his finishing giving them the lead with a end after Dominic opener had been bailed out by Eddie Nketiah for both Everton.
Aubameyang restored his side’s guide 26 minutes into the second half with a header following Richarlison had poked at level in first-half accident time.
The Gunners striker made a combined game-high three tackles along with an interception and a clearance.
Arsenal’s win fosters their hopes of qualifying for Europe next year and lifts them up.
If Manchester City’s Champions League ban be maintained, fifth area could be great enough. The Gunners are now four points behind fifth-placed Manchester United.
Arteta has really made a positive impact in Arsenal.
Sunday’s win means they remain unbeaten in 2020 and gives them back-to-back league victories for the first time as the opening two matches of the effort.
It means that they have won three games in the past week, with won in Newcastle before beating against Olympiakos at the first leg of their Europa league tie Thursday.
But after devoting Everton their two objectives via defensive 19, they had to work hard for it on Sunday.
“I’m quite happy with the operation,” Arteta stated. “It is not easy to perform with three times in seven days, we got back from Greece, then to concede an early goal as well.
“That asks questions . The team reacted really well. This is. It is the best week since I’ve been here”
Everton may have promised at least a point, together with Calvert-Lewin especially profligate in front of goal in the second half.
The 22-year-old has been much improved this year, in 30 games in all competitions as well as his ninth in his last 12 league matches his 14th with his goal at the Emirates.
His manager Carlo Ancelotti still thinks he could provide more.
“He is doing well but he isn’t enough,” said the Italian. “If he wishes to become a leading striker, he must work harder, concentrate difficult, work longer.
“He’s doing well but he has to have the game to be concentrated all the time.”
Ancelotti believed the performance was a step down from their screens, which had seen them accept 11 league points before Sunday, also believes his side can improve defensively.
“There has been a good performance ahead. We were great coming in the trunk, we had a few excellent chances,” the Everton boss added. “Defensively, we were not terrible. We have to improve. There were three objectives we might have avoided. It had been too easy for Arsenal to score 3 goals.
“We had lots of chances at the close of the match to equalise and we did not get it. We’re working, we believe in what we are currently doing. Today was a step down.
“We need to refocus. We need to re-balance. We did one part good but we did a part bad.”

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