Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang: Mikel Arteta on Arsenal’s challenge to keep striker

Mikel Arteta admits Arsenal possess a challenge to convince Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to remain at the club, but believes that the striker is currently enjoying his character.
Aubameyang struck twice in Arsenal victory over Everton on Super Sunday, his 18th and 19th goals of the season.
Arteta explained he had questions for Aubameyang if he took over in December regarding his willingness to track back, and started up on the challenge of Arsenal to keep him, with his contract up in the summer of 2021.
Asked if Arsenal can convince him to stay, Arteta explained:”Hopefully, and not simply the wins, but exactly what we’re trying to do, to make sure that he enjoys it every time he’s on the pitch, to believe he’s part of that which we’re attempting to build here. I believe he is in that mindset at the moment.
“I believe it’s been tough for hima player like he’s had a whole lot of disappointments over the past few years since he’s big expectations, ” he wants to play for the greatest club, in the biggest championship, and be up with all the best players in the world. We have to attempt and support him he feels fulfilled here and try to give everything as a club to him. That is.
“He needs to feel fulfilled, as he does that, we demonstrate appreciation too. Regrettably, we’re not that great that we can allow players to not do that [just score and not function ].”
In addition, he told Sky Sports:”He is our main player. There’s no question concerning the effect he has on this team, so if I and the team can, we will try to convince him to stay.”
Seeing his ability to monitor back, Arteta also stated:”My inquiries once I took over were ) does he need to get it done? And 2) can he do it. Once I discovered he could get it done, it had been about convincing him that he needs to do it every three days, and he’s revealing that.”
Arteta gave an honest appraisal of Mesut Ozil, who showed prepared on Super with his manager admitting some game situations don’t suit the German, meaning he requires a structure by his team-mates.
“I am extremely happy with him. I played him and he is known by me so I attempt to pinch as much as I can to get exactly whatever he needs to do, because I know how much he can deliver about the offensive aspect.
“Now is a great example; when we’re dominant, when the procedure is properly done, it is the kind of game that he wants.
“If it becomes like that, it is not his game. So he needs his own team-mates, he needs the arrangement and organisation to allow him to thrive. Sometimes it is not his fault, but it’s about the staff not supporting what he desires.”
Carlo Ancelotti was delighted with his side show in the Emirates, but says by conceding goals like they did Sunday, they’ll never triumph.
“The operation offensively was really great, a lot of opportunities, but defensively quite bad, we conceded three goals, but it isn’t okay to concede three goals similar to this, and normally you get rid of the match,” he said.
“We were able to equalise at the conclusion of the first halfand we understood because they played Thursday they could shed energyand they did, and we had opportunities to score, but the vital thing is that we concede three goals too simple. This is the reason.
“To be great you have to assault well, we did, but you need to guard well, we did not. I cannot be happy with this. To acquire here you have to do both. The good thing about this is that we can be transparent about what we must do!
“We are [moving ] in the perfect way, however these are mistakes you need to learn from. We did a good functionality, but the truth we were not concentrated way we go home without any issues.”
Arsenal currently host Olympiakos in their Europa League round of 32 next leg on Thursday at 8pm, before visiting Portsmouth on March 2 in the FA Cup fifth round at 7.45pm. Everton host Manchester United on Super Sunday at 2pm, live on Sky Sports Premier League.

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