Rafael Nadal hails Spain after they win the Davis Cup in Madrid

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World No 1 Rafael Nadal showed it’s been an”memorable” week for Spain after they emerged triumphant on home land to win the Davis Cup at Madrid’s Caja Magica.
Spain defeated first-time finalists Canada to be the winners in the event that was new-look and lift the trophy for the first time since the overall along with 2011.
The biggest cheers were reserved for the team-mate Roberto Bautista Agut, that opened the final with a fine win against Felix 3 days following the death of his dad of Nadal.
Nadal said:”It is the perfect end of the season for all of us. We understand how hard it’s to win this prize and we know how difficult it’s going to be to keep winning in the future.
“We knew that we will need to convert this chance. And we fought quite difficult. Now, what Roberto did is outside of this planet.
“It’s been wonderful, the whole week of course. When you eventually win the title that we travelled through playing with and this week at home, it’s a thing difficult to explain.
“It’s an wonderful feeling and notably to discuss this terrific moment with all the folks that supported us during the whole week. And with the rest of the team.
“We can not thank all them. The organization, everybody here in Madrid, everybody. Since it has been an unforgettable week for all of us with no doubt.”
Having played in Spain couple twists, Bautista Agut hurried following his father Joaquin was taken sick, together with the federation.
The entire world No 9 returned on Saturday Madrid and supported his team-mates from the stands for their tense semi-final victory.
He produced a composed performance to defeat Auger-Aliassime but the facade cracked moments together with the 31-year-old before breaking down in tears, holding his finger to the sky as the potential audience cheered him.
Bautista Agut, whose mom died suddenly last year, said:”It had been very tricky. I was speaking with (captain) Sergi (Bruguera) and I took the decision to go home on Thursday afternoon, and that I was back yesterday afternoon to encourage the group.
“I had been attempting to do everything. I had the opportunity to play because the rest of the team and all the gamers and all the staff did an incredible effort because the very first day. It was an amazing impression in the court now.”
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