Rainbow Laces: Fans from Shrewsbury, Huddersfield and Bolton on LGBT inclusion campaign

It is seven years since the Rainbow Laces effort was launched in football – and it’s now a firm fixture in the calendar.
The Stonewall initiative for LGBT inclusion – endorsed by Sky Sports as a member of Team Pride – grows reaching more sports and spreading a positive message that everybody’s welcome.
Sky Sports requested three supporters of EFL clubs Rainbow Laces things to their fellow fans and them.
Andy Garden is among Proud Salopians, the buffs team at Shrewsbury Town that was launched earlier this year’s co-founders. He says the campaign is a reminder that football brings individuals together.
“Everyone is welcome to participate,” he states. “Sexuality isn’t a barrier, also should not be a barrier”
In October 2016, Ryan Mather founded Proud Terriers back at Huddersfield Town. The group has turned into a potent influence for inclusion in West Yorkshire and outside, and also this time of year is busy. “The continuous support we’ve got in the team has only been overwhelming,” says Ryan.
Meanwhile Beth Warriner of the Bolton Wanderers Community Trust has played a critical role in setting up an LGBT+ Youth Group, also working closely to tackle hate crime.
For the young folks and Beth she works with, Rainbow Laces is a very effective way to help let someone know that they will be respected for who they are, irrespective of gender or sex identification.
“The tagline for the effort is make game everyone’s game – but that goes beyond this. It transcends sport,” she states.
Watch the movie at the top of the article to hear from Ryan Andy and Beth.
The annual stimulation of the Rainbow Laces campaign of Stonewall – that is supported by Sky Sports – is under way today and runs to the first week of December.
Contact us if you want to share a tale to help increase awareness around LGBT+ inclusion in game.

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