Rangers boss Steven Gerrard vows to take Europa League second leg to Braga

Steven Gerrard insists Rangers will not sit against Braga in Portugal.
Rangers lead the Europa League clash 3-2 after last week’s Ibrox comeback along with Gerrard has assured his team will go to the attack at the Estadio Municipal.
He explained:”we would like to return here and carry a danger, we want to come here and lead as many problems to Braga defensively as we could.
“In no way are we all coming back to hold on and endure for nearly all the game.
“I think that it was quite clear a week we had any issues which were down to our shape and possibly individuals within our shape doing things different to that which we needed them to perform.
“Once we re-grouped and refresh in half-time and played as a group with the perfect structure, that allowed us to be more of a threat and be more attacking.
“The difference between both halves was that we took our chances in the next.
“We anticipate tomorrow that if we possess the perfect game plan and take it out to the very best of our ability we could cause problems or create chances and then it’s over to human players to go execute.”
Rangers watched their Ladbrokes Premiership title aspirations suffer another blow as a draw with St Johnstone abandoned them 12 points behind Celtic.
Connor Goldson and Nikola Katic have taken the brunt of the criticism for their display in Perth and now Gerrard has warned his team they can’t afford to be so cluttered against Ruben Amorim’s guys.
He said:”Against this level of resistance, should you create large individual errors I am sure they’ll be punished.
“I don’t think necessarily against Braga it had been human mistakes which cost us – it was about not having the right shape and organisation once the targets happened.
“I think you also have to pay respects to the resistance.
“The first goal is a superb attack and the second entailed some genuine great play in their behalf, albeit we have analysed both aims and believe we could have done much better as a group.
“But of course certainly at any level, and in the Europa League against opposition like Braga, you have to eliminate individual mistakes”

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