Red Bull: Why Honda have only committed until F1 2021 so far

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Red Bull boss Christian Horner has explained to the end of 2021 have only committed to an additional year old Formula 1, by Honda.
Honda this week declared they had extended their motor supply deals with Red Bull and Toro Rosso with a further 12 months past 2020, when sporting and technical regulations are being overhauled, devoting them the first year of the new principles age of F1.
The V6 hybrid power units have been kept and Horner states the manufacturer are eager to see before confirming their plans plans for the engine guidelines of F1 grow.
“First of all, it is great news they have dedicated beyond 2020,” Horner told Sky Sports F1 in Abu Dhabi. “So we have got a minimum of two years which we’re completely fixed on.
“They are only waiting to find out what would be the regulations which are going to come in for either’21, or even primarily’22, in relation to homologation or engine freezes to get the prices down.
“These engines are enormously expensive and the technology involved. All the producers together want to find some cost reduction in that region.”
Horner confirmed that talks about beyond and 2022 had been held and that both sides were keen to build on the early promise of a venture which has three race wins.
“Of course, we were taking about the long run, the discussion just was not about’21,” inserted that the Red Bull team principal. “There is a real desire there to build on what we’ve achieved so far in this relationship.
“it is a wonderful partnership between Red Bull and Honda as we’ve seen this season. The vital aspect moving ahead is complete clarity on these rules.”
Hailing Honda’s”year”, Horner added that:”The reliability was better and the performance has been getting stronger and stronger”

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