Richard Keogh: Former Derby captain has appeal against sacking rejected by club

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Derby have rejected the appeal of Richard Keogh from his sacking for misconduct, reports Radio Derby.
The 33-year-old was dismissed in an auto crash which saw Mason Bennett and team-mates Tom Lawrence detained in October within his involvement.
Lawrence and Bennett were fined six weeks’ wages by the Rams and pleaded guilty to drink driving.
Keogh, with got the Professional Footballers’ Association service, will take his situation before the EFL.
The evaluation and disciplinary event of the English Football League will allow the the Republic of Ireland to file a complaint against the team.
Keogh, who had been contracted before June 2021 into the East Midlands facet, suffered a knee injury from the wreck to 24 September and has been ruled out for over a year.
It is known Keogh was offered a revised deal on reduced salary before he had been dismissed by Derby.
Until the episode, Keogh captained the Rams, with made made 356 appearances over seven decades.
Earlier this month, the veteran defender and Republic of Ireland team-mates connected up together during their Euro 2020 qualifying campaign as he continued his recovery.

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