Riders Onthe Storm wins as Cyrname falls in Ascot Chase

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Riders Onthe Ascot won the Ascot Chase fall at a race That saw Traffic Fluide and favourite Cyrname.

Cyrname led in the latter stages but was jeopardized by Riders Onthe Storm with two fences to proceed.
As Riders Onthe Storm went on to win traffic Fluide moved to challenge at the front however, combined with Cyrname, fell at the last fence.
Traffic Fluide was quickly on his feet and that there was a cheer from the crowd when Cyrname got up.
“He just got winded,” Cyrname’s trainer Paul Nicholls told ITV Sport.
“He is fine. We are going to get him backagain. I’d say leave him until next season now.
“There is something missing, I can not really place my finger on it he’ll return and that’s the most important thing.”
At Haydock, Smooth Stepper won the Grand National Trial Handicap Chase.
Smooth Stepper conquer pioneer Lord Du Mesnil over an extended three and a half kilometers and was the outsider in a field.
Horse racing correspondent Cornelius Lysaght
What has been billed as possibly a stunning day due to Storm Dennis turned out to be filled with a more conventional sort of play.
In the Ascot Chase, Cyrname was when well 23, demonstrating that he’s not himself falling heavily at the last fence – what a relief that all was OK.
It is not possible to say if he had not fallen at exactly the same place that Traffic Fluide would not have won.
Back in the Grand National Trial of Haydock, Smooth Stepper for that the race is likely to have been a trial to the Midlands Grand National did everything right but overhauled on long-time leader Lord Du Mesnil.

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