Robert Moreno unclear why returning Spain boss Luis Enrique excluded him

Former Spain head coach Robert Moreno says returning national supervisor Luis Enrique has”labelled me with words which are ugly”.
Enrique reported this week that predecessor Moreno had been”disloyal” and would not be a part of his training team.
After working together at clubs including Barcelona the pair had been close friends.
“I really don’t know why Luis Enrique doesn’t want me to be with him today,” Moreno told a press conference on Thursday.
Enrique resigned to spend more time with his daughter Xana, that died from bone cancer in August.
Prior to returning to manager, he was succeeded by moreno told Enrique he wished to be in charge at Euro 2020.
Moreno abandoned the role over Romania on 18 November.
“I know he has worked very tough to be the coach and that he’s difficult – but for me that is disloyal,” Enrique said.
“I would not do something like this and I really don’t want someone with those characteristics in my personal staff.”
Responding to Enrique’s accusations of disloyalty,” Moreno said on Thursday:”I believe he labelled me with words that are nasty and aren’t attributable to me.
“At a very first meeting with Luis Enrique, he said that I had done exactly what I needed to perform and that he felt proud .
“Then I asked him for a meeting to give him a hug and also then communicate my support. It seemed right to tell him if he made a decision to go back, , as I had stated before, I would step aside.
“He said that sounded perfect but he told me that he wanted me. I was in a state of shock. I let the team know and I imagined what I had done wrong.”
After winning eight out of 10 games and scoring 31 18, spain finished the top of their qualifying team.
They will be a top seed for Euro 2020 when the draw is made in Bucharest.

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