Robert Moreno was ‘disloyal’, says returning Spain boss Luis Enrique

Spain’s returning supervisor Luis Enrique claims his predecessor Robert Moreno has been”disloyal” and will not be a part of his training team.
Enrique resigned in the role in June to spend more time with his nine-year-old daughter Xana, who died in August.
Before returning to assistant supervisor, moreno succeeded him but told Enrique he wanted to be in charge at Euro 2020.
Moreno left the role over Romania on 18.
“The only person accountable for Robert Moreno not being in my training team is mepersonally,” Enrique said.
“He came back to see me at my home and told me he wanted to direct the team at Euro 2020 and he would be delighted to become my assistant coach .
“I know he has worked very difficult to be the coach and that he’s tough – but for me that is disloyal. I’d never do something like this and I don’t need anyone with these characteristics in my personal staff”
Enrique and Moreno previously worked at Barcelona, Celta Vigo and Roma.
When Enrique was appointed Spain head trainer at July 2018, moreno combined his coaching staff.
“I know his decision but cannot concur with it and told him I didn’t need him as my helper and I felt strong,” said Enrique.
“Ambition will be encouraged but excess ambition is a flaw, not a virtue.”

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