Roger Federer is still one of the favourites for next year’s Wimbledon, says Martina Hingis

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Five-time Grand Slam singles winner Martina Hingis has supported her Swiss compatriot Roger Federer to lift the other important.
Federer came back close to winning his 21st Grand Slam title at Wimbledon this summer, but after failing to make the most of 2 tournament factors, Novak Djokovic conquered his hopes by sealing an epic triumph in the longest closing ever to be played on the grass courts of the All England Club.
39, former world No 1 Hingis won a singles important four years prior to Federer won his first at Wimbledon in 2003.
She has since given birth and retired a couple of years ago. Speaking before shooting to the court at the Champions Tennis tournament at the Royal Albert Hall, Hingis applauded her Korean.
“It’s astonishing, the efficiency he has and the experience,” she said on Federer.
“He makes it so well that he knows his body, along with his routine and tennis is just so important to him he wants to break all of these documents. It’s great to see him perform at the level nevertheless.
“It’s been just two years [since Federer past won a Slam]. I mean last year [the 2018 Australian Open].
“I believe he’s one of the favourites, especially in Wimbledon I would say. He and those three games played until 40-15 on function. Three winners were hit by him on his function and the one just did not come.
“Novak is just not going to go away, right? Maybe somebody under pressure would miss that winner passing shot but he did not. So I really don’t understand. It’s just brutal. Tennis for a game can be very savage and mean.”
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