Romelu Lukaku: Slavia Prague demand apology over racism claim

Slavia Prague have demanded an apology from the striker and have disputed Romelu Lukaku’s claims of racist abuse in their midweek Champions League clash with Inter Milan.
Lukaku was on goal in Inter’s 3-1 triumph but later said”the entire stadium” had employed racist chants against him team-mates, advocating UEFA to do it.
However, Slavia said on Friday they Couldn’t corroborate Lukaku’s version of events, adding the Perfect thing to do is to apologise and have analysed available footage
“We must reject that there has been chanting of the entire arena,” a club statement read.
“We analysed available footages, and none confirmed Mr Lukaku’s announcement.
“The team has apologised for individuals’ behavior and it could be appropriate for Mr Lukaku to apologise to his words too.”
Before this month, while Brescia striker Mario Balotelli was exposed to racist abuse fighter chants also targeted in September lukaku during a Serie A match in Cagliari.
All 20 Serie A clubs signed an open letter on Friday addressed to”all those who love Italian soccer” acknowledging there’s a significant issue with respect to racism from the Italian sport.
“Images of gamers being abused in Italian football have been seen and discussed all over the world this year and that shames all of us,” said the clubs at an open letter.
“No person should ever be exposed to racist abuse indoors or out of football and we can no longer remain silent about this matter or wait patiently for it to magically disappear.
“We have to publicly recognise that we have a serious problem with racism. It is an issue that we’ve not done enough to fight through the years.”
In the letter, the clubs said that Serie A would deliver”a detailed and robust Serie A anti-racism policy, stricter new laws and regulations along with a plan for teaching those inside the match about the scourge of racism”.
If the racist misuse is known as broadly perceptible the disciplinary code of italian football has been criticised since it allows sanctions.
Serie A’s primary executive Luigi De Siervo added that”any activity, any effort is nothing without the involvement, support, accountability of each and every stakeholder.”

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