Ruiz Jr v Joshua 2: Dillian Whyte hopes Anthony Joshua can set up bumper British battle

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Dillian Whyte says if he will amend issues that led to the Andy Ruiz Jr loss, but expects success can establish a bumper battle, Anthony Joshua knows.
Sky clients: Ruiz Jr vs Joshua two
Non Sky clients: Ruiz Jr vs Joshua two
Joshua Whyte returns, live on Sky Sports Box Office, also can recover his world names at a spectacular battle with Ruiz Jr at Saudi Arabia next Saturday night.
Following a jolt stoppage loss in June, Joshua has undergone another stringent training camp in an attempt to iron out some deficiencies which were ruthlessly exploited by Ruiz Jr, though Whyte insists his former opponent will realise whether he is really ready for an immediate return struggle.
Whyte told Sky Sports:”It is heavyweight boxing, what do I say? I am able to say’Hey, he’s likely to win and this and anything,’ I do not know. I hope he wins.
“You don’t know, sometimes fighters lose, it makes them stronger. Fighters lose, it makes them weaker.
“After I dropped , it made me stronger, after which you see other guys, it disturbs themmakes them poorer.
“I really don’t know what’s in his mind, what’s happening in camp. There’s lots of things that no one understands. Only he knows. I really hope he wins, I need him to win, but if he wins or not, it’s a different thing.”
Joshua was recommended to make modifications to his body in the wake of defeat, but Whyte has warned him not to nullify his assets.
He explained:”I simply hope Joshua doesn’t listen too much to stuff people are saying about that he wants to lose weight. ‘he needs to change this,’ because sometimes when you have too much negativity in board, it can take you apart from the strengths.
“His main strength is being big and strong and strong and being in better physical condition than most men he’s fought. In his heaviest, at his most powerful, he hit Andy Ruiz with a few big punches and couldn’t put him off, so hopefully him dropping weight and coming doesn’t affect him.”
Whyte would like to share the ring with him regardless of the outcome next weekend and has fought his way to world title contention with 10 straight wins since his lone defeat in the hands of Joshua rear in 2015.
Asked if a Joshua rematch will happen, Whyte said:”I hope it will. Everything is expect, expect in the moment.
“I really don’t know where he’s in his life. Boxing is a match that is hard, dangerous. Some people do it for a while, they reach a place, then they think,’You know what, I will chill out today.’
“Win, lose or draw, and I would nevertheless like to rematch him. Even if he loses his following 10 fights, I would still want to rematch him.”

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