Ruiz Jr vs Joshua 2: Anthony Joshua clarifies ‘punch from the gods’ comment

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Anthony Joshua insists that he predicted his downfall to Andy Ruiz Jr”a lucky punch” since his training means”he shouldn’t hit me with that shot”.
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Joshua aims to regain the IBF, WBA and WBO heavyweight titles following Saturday night, live on Sky Sports Box Office, having attributed his first defeat to Ruiz Jr into”a punch in the gods”.
He clarified about The Gloves Are Off:”Why did I mention it was a jolt by the gods? Because I train he should not hit on me. I said it was sent from the gods.
“But because of him personally , for Andy? That’s the shot since he trained for it he landed.
“I do not worry too much what he’s doing. He knows what he’s doing. I must concentrate on myself”
Ruiz Jr responded:”I agree it was against the gods because I was praying and wanting my whole life.”
Ruiz Jr got up to knock on Joshua down four times, completing a major jolt.
Asked when his winning blend of cries were educated for, Ruiz Jr stated:”Of course, but god was on my side”
He vowed that”my ability, my speed, my movement” will enable him to beat Joshua in their rematch.
“His design was perfect for me,” Ruiz Jr stated. “How he moves about, the way he carries himself into the ring. He’s powerful, he is large – but none of these matters.”
Joshua’s pounds had been questioned by ruiz Jr, and wondered whether his rival shed muscle mass.
“I watched videos in which he looked thinner,” Ruiz Jr explained. “I don’t know whether that’s a benefit or a disadvantage.
“I really don’t know if he will take the punches and he did once he weighed longer.
“Me? Folks are saying I lost too much weight, I won’t be strong, he will move me around. From what I believed June 1 I’m dropping eight pounds. I’ll be the same, I will still be strong.”
Joshua has clarified about his preparation for the rematch:”Up the sparring, that is the perfect way to prepare for a fight. Up the sparring partners.
“They have been giving me hell. That is the nearest thing to a fight – it gets you battle-hardened and we’ve been seeking to get a period of time. I feel hard. Pains and aches, but for the correct reasons. The punches get you battle-ready.
“Any sparring partner, big or little, is doing me a favor by throwing punches. It’s important to get punches because it teaches you how to defend under stress thrown at you.
“What they’re there for is to replicate his own style – a fantastic fighter could fight in several fashions. They are currently bringing the warmth, and that’s exactly what Ruiz Jr does. The main thing is becoming battle-hardened into the body shoulders although they bring the heat day-out. Getting conditioned so that you are able to keep walking through fire.”
View Andy Ruiz Jr vs Anthony Joshua 2 in Saudi Arabia on Saturday December 7, now live on Sky Sports Box Office.

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