Ryan Giggs defends Gareth Bale’s ‘Wales Golf Madrid’ flag

Ryan Giggs has defended Gareth Bale following he upset Real Madrid fans by posing having a Wales flag which read:”Wales. Golf. Madrid. In that order.”
Wales boss Giggs was asked after his team beat Hungary to reserve their spot at Euro 31, about the stunt, which happened earlier this month inside Cardiff City Stadium and exceptionally celebrated with their fans.
Bale, who has been linked with a move away from Real, was filmed laughing and observing with all the flag and had admitted he found chants of’Wales. Golf. Madrid’ from the stands during the game amusing.
The gesture was not well received in the social press, with the majority of Actual fans in a MARCA poll stating Bale revealed”a lack of esteem for the club and fans”.
MARCA also said Real wouldn’t punish Bale, since the association between the player and Zidane is”busted for good”, but his club team-mates seemingly saw the funny side of things.
Speaking on Saturday later Wales learned their Euro 2020 group point destiny, Giggs was requested regarding the flag incident and defended his player.
“I don’t know if Gareth had anything to do with it, obviously he was stood there, but I believe far too much has been made from it,” he explained.
“It was a special night for Gareth. He placed in what had been his second game in 3 days, in a change. He had not been playingwith, so that’s down to his fitness and professionalism.”
Bale has been criticised for his obvious priority for global football – and golf – finished commitments.
Giggs confessed that Bale’s scenario was”not perfect” and that he wanted his entire squad playing soccer.
“All of my players I want playing, it’s as straightforward as that, so when they are on camp you don’t need to catch up with fitness,” he further added. “You do not need to be worried about bringing them off or on following 60/70 minutes.
“Where they play doesn’t matter to me. As long as they are playing of course and at clubs that are good Gareth is currently at among the largest on earth.
“It has been the case at the last few camps that he’s not played [at heart level] but he’s done brilliantly for us because of his skill, fitness and enthusiasm. He would get it done, but it wasn’t ideal.
“I want my players turning up match fit which includes Gareth.”

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