Sadio Mane: Liverpool forward responds to fresh diving accusations

Liverpool forwards Sadio Mane has responded to new diving offenses, insisting he is not the type of player to”steal something from the match”.
The Senegal international was accused of heading down too easily throughout Liverpool’s 1-1 draw in the box with Napoli in the Champions League on Wednesday.
Mane has won numerous penalties this year and earlier this season, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola explained the 27-year-old has a tendency to dive”sometimes”.
When asked about the episode in the Napoli game, Mane told the Liverpool Echo:”Yes, I think it was a punishment. I wasn’t diving like eh?
“Just like I always said, I am not a kind of player who will always dive to steal something from the match. I might be lucky sometimes and get a penalty, but he didn’t give it for me, and it wasn’t a dive.”
Mane also responded which Liverpool’s front could face burnout with a hectic period quickly approaching.
Apart from Roberto Firmino, Mane and Carabao Cup games have played every match so far, while Mohamed Salah has missed only two due to injury.
Liverpool play with nine games in 26 days in December – like two FIFA Club World Cup games in Qatar – nevertheless Mane dismissed.
“Honestly, I think it is all in the head,” Mane additional. “The fatigue is at the mind, so as long as your system recovers well I believe it’s not difficult for all of us to play each and every game.
“If the staff wants the trainer needs us, I think we will have the ability to play and help the group.”
Mane is Liverpool’s top scorer this season with 12 goals in 19 appearances. He’s scored 71 goals in 142 games since moving in 2016.
Liverpool will look to keep their unbeaten start when they host Brighton at Anfield.

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