Sandown: Seven jockeys banned for ignoring flag

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Seven jockeys are set to miss the most Christmas and new year racing programmes for dismissing a flag sign to stop a race at Sandown due to a horse that was busted after receiving bans.
Philip Donovan’won’ that the London Grand National on performing Fine, but the race has been declared void.
The jockeys include Harry Skelton Daryl Jacob, Adam Wedge, Jamie Moore, James Davies and Stan Sheppard.
All of these have a right of appeal.
There was confusion among owners, trainers, jockeys and punters as a protracted stewards’ inquiry happened.
“I did not find the flag, but I heard whistles. Most of us just had the mind down,” explained Moore.
“If you would like to prevent a race you ought to have obstructed where we go. If nothing had been said by any one let the race go, no one could have cared.
“My kids are having a lump of coal for Christmas today, even though they may find a cheap Arsenal shirt. Fontwell in Boxing Day is generally a good evening for me.”
Wedge said the jockeys meant to appeal.
Later slipping onto the bend, as the veteran steeplechaser Houblon Des Obeaux was being attended to, the incident happened. The horse, educated by Venetia Williams, suffered a fatal injury.
Seven runners completed the racewith all the Neil Mulholland-trained Doing arriving home first under Philip Donovan, that thought he’d secured the biggest win of his career.
Chris Rutter, ” the chief steward at Sandown, told Racing TV:”The yellow stop-race flag was put in place since there was a stricken horse about the bend, just coming into the home straight. When is a yellow flag that is stop-race, the race has to be declared void.
“You will find seven jockeys who lasted at the race. Even the flag that is stop-race was to the left of them and they appear to have bypassed it bypassed the Pond fence and only carried up on the home.
“For that reason, each of the jockeys who continued in the race were granted a 10-day suspension since they didn’t stop when they ought to have stopped.
“There’s some confusion – that they (the jockeys) stated they didn’t (notice the flag), but the movie clearly indicates that the flag was there and some of the jockeys have gone to stop and then started riding .
“It’s either 10 days nothing and because it seems like they’ve seen the flag plus they’ve discounted it, they have all got 10 days”

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