Saracens: Ed Griffiths denies working as cricket agent

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New Saracens chief executive Ed Griffiths has denied Functioning as a cricket

Agent, following claims he’s been reported on the England and Wales Cricket
Griffiths has rejected any wrongdoing after reports from a newspaper that the ECB is exploring a potential conflict of interest on his consultancy function with Middlesex.
The former South Africa Rugby Union adviser has rejoined Saracens to help steer the Gallagher Premiership club through the salary cap scandal which led to the north west London club requiring the penalty of relegation at the conclusion of the year.
“I am an agent, I have never acted as an agent and I have never received a commission to function as a broker,” Griffiths said.
“I’ve worked as an advisor acting for Middlesex for the last 3 decades, helping gamers there with areas beyond cricket, and that is involved doing a great deal of things which could perhaps in other circumstances be thought of as matters an agent would do.
“But I’ve only ever been acting on behalf of and for Middlesex.”
Griffiths played a important role in South Africa hosting the 1995 Rugby World Cup as Saracens CEO between 2008 and 2015.
He’s returned to assist the club manage the fallout from the salary cap breaches that will lead to relegation at the end of the campaign.
An independent panel’s 103-page decision into Saracens’ salary cap breaches has this week condemned the club”egregious” conduct.
Saracens were found guilty of”reckless” failure to follow the #7m salary cap at the initial investigation that resulted in a #5.36m fine and a 35-point deduction.
Saracens have been automatic relegation over failure to meet salary cap regulations.
Griffiths insisted there has been no conflict of interest in their own deals with Middlesex, adding:”I’ve never got a commission or a fee by a player in any way.
“I have contacted the ECB and talked to the head of integrity concerning it.”

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