Sean Dyche still believes in Burnley squad despite series of defeats

Sean Dyche insists he’s faith in his squad, despite Burnley.
Even a 2-0 defeat at home to Crystal Palace was followed closely with a 4-1 loss against Manchester City and also 5-0 drubbing away to Tottenham last weekend.
That has coincided with a few accidents in the camp however Dyche has backed his players as they get ready to face Newcastle in Turf Moor on 31, to change their form around.
“I’ve spoken about the aggressive nature of the team and I am not even minding the gamers that are coming from,” said Dyche.
“It is fair to say the team were moving nicely and we had two 3-0 victories [from West Ham and Watford ] and they’ve had three reductions.
“On that score, then you think there is a consequence [of accidents ], however I really do believe in most of the players. Whoever I put out, I think they can perform to win games.
“I’m disappointed we have not done as well as I’d like but I think having harms puts a strain on your squad, particularly with three games in a week.”
Despite the strain on his squad, Dyche isn’t convinced he is going to be granted any funds to spend at the January transfer window.
“The financing are always balanced here, so unless Santa is very kind, I don’t think we’ll be receiving a wheelbarrow full of cash,” he added.
“It’s the fact of this and we have been there before. It’s hard from the January transfer window. No one wants to lose players unless it is made by the sums .
“Not many are giving away players, so it’s just a difficult window, full stop.”
Despite their travails, Dyche insists otherwise or the success of Burnley’s season could only be judged in its completion.
“You have to take the rough with the smooth, you’ve got to have a couple of tears, and you also get some amazing benefits but our judgement is at the end of the season,” he explained.
“Last season, nobody had been bothering about the bad results we had, they were just thinking we had a brilliant second half of the season, got 40 things and were protected .”

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