Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder aiming to emulate Wolves’ Premier League success

Sheffield United manager Chris Wilder claims he is intending to follow Wolves’ footsteps, since the Blades goal to solidify themselves.
United confront sailors on Sunday, with the two teams occupying the top six spots of the Premier League.
As well as the side of Wilder, whose, is looking to emulate the success Wolves have had since promotion into the Premier League at 2018.
“The club’s going through a good period right now, but we must keep our feet on the floor and keep working hard towards the next game and the next result,” Wilder said.
“It is going to be as tough as they get against Wolves that are obviously a fantastic side. It would be amazing to follow their footsteps of arriving from your Championship and performing well in the Premier League.”
Nuno Espirito Santo has guided Wolves from the Championship in both decades in charge into the Europa League, and took the reins in Molineux at 2017.
When they confronted Sheffield United 2 decades ago in the next grade, where both teams won their various home matches the former Valencia manager was accountable.
Wilder included:”We are in good nick but we all understand we have got to have a result against, like I said, a superb team and an outstanding supervisor.
“They’re a team that we know very, very well, obviously playing against them throughout our time at the Championship.
“They’ve evolved and moved ahead, and it is a great case for a club such as Sheffield United if it is done correctly and where it is possible to reach.”

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