Sheffield United were like Barcelona at times, says Graeme Souness

After seeing with their draw against Manchester 16, graeme Souness wants a season ticket at Sheffield United.
The Blades drew 3-3 with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side after going two up together with goals from John Fleck and Lys Mousset before having an Oli McBurnie attack to salvage some point.
Chris Wilder’s staff were the better side for nearly all the competition, when Manchester United scored three times just distress. Souness has been impressed.
“I think that they are a fantastic view,” he told Sky Sports. “For 70 moments I had been actually enjoying how they had been playing.
“They move long when they need to. It was just when Mousset went they did not stretch United allowing United to squeeze upward, and that is when they arrived right into the game.
“John Fleck stated in his interview that they don’t possess the quality of the other groups. I disagree with that because and going long at the ideal times, there were more instances when they were like Barcelona in places.
“They have great qualitiesthey really have.”
He added:”When you come here you have to be prepared to get into a fight together if you want to remain in the game only since they come after you personally emotionally.
“There was a saying in the game which you have to struggle for the right to playwith. That’s no longer in the match due to the pitches as well as the refereeing but with this Sheffield United group, you must fight them.
“Manchester United didn’t turn up for a great hour. They thought they have a game and could turn up. They got bullied and they got outplayed. Every area of the game that they played second fiddle.
“It was just when Sheffield United tired and Manchester United scored a fantastic goal that they got back to it. However, I think that it could have been very hard on Sheffield United to not get something.”
Souness was impressed with the 2 guys who joined for the second target – Fleck enjoying a pass to put Mousset through to score.
“John Fleck is just a bit craftsmen. Amazing technique. He could get around the playground. In the first halfof he chooses a corner and it has rid. Within a few moments he’s handling Marcus Rashford in the place. The chunk for the next goal, the truth of that pass…”
As for Mousset, a summer signing from Bournemouth, he has scored more goals in 10 appearances for Sheffield United than he did in 58 games for the Cherries.
“I saw him in Bournemouth and that he was a different player,” added Souness.
“That’s down to Chris Wilder receiving the best from players. I believe that the machine suits him since Bournemouth pass it and then pass it. They get that satisfies him and the ball a little more.
“But we would be completely doing them an injustice to say that they go back to front at every opportunity. They can play.
“When you’re playing with a team who are continuously playing, you can push forward and maintain a top line. As a centre-half from Sheffield United, you need to be about the half-turn because you have to get well ready to get into a race with Mousset.
“They’re a really good team and will be hard to play because they combine their game up.
“Do not take away anything from them because they have some actual technicians in midfield who will get them from tight areas and deliver adorable passes.
“I need a season ticket”

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