Six Nations ‘closely monitoring’ coronavirus outbreak in Italy

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Italy’s coronavirus outbreak is being monitored”very carefully” by Six Nations organisers amid concerns over the country’s upcoming men’s, women’s and U20s fittings.
Seven days 31, until England arrive for the championship finale at Rome italy are expected to travel to Dublin because of their match of the men’s tournament on March 7.
Towns in the regions of Veneto and Lombardy, which are hundreds of miles north of the capital, have already been on lockdown as Italy became the country with the biggest number of instances from Europe over the weekend.
In accordance with Press Association, U20s Six Nations matches and the women’s would be the most under threat because of their venues being from Verona and Padua’s Veneto towns.
PA report that the Italy-England guys’s battle a day earlier on March 14 has been viewed as a secondary issue – but Ireland’s minister for health Simon Harris has voiced concerns within the Italy staff and supporters traveling to Dublin next week.
Following two Pro14 matches, such as Ulster’s clash with Treviso, were called-off, Harris was quoted in various newspapers including the Guardian saying:”The rugby game is something that needs significant consideration. The situation is still evolving.
“The weekend’s activities have shown there is still an awful lot unknown about the coronavirus and on the path it may take. There will be a few decisions in the forthcoming days. Most notably, I am thinking of the Ireland-Italy game”
A Six Nations announcement on Monday night said:”Six Nations is monitoring this situation very closely and is in frequent contact with the Italian Rugby Federation along with all other marriages as well as the relevant local government and health organisations”

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