Skier Marta Bassino set for second World Cup race in Killington after Austria disappointment

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Alpine skier Marta Bassino is distressed to glow in America having struggled from the World Cup opener.
The 23-year-old Italian Sky Sports Scholar was in buoyant mood following an intense training sessopm in Argentina through the summer, only to finish a disappointing 12th in the Giant Slalom in Austria at the very first race of this year.
“I know the result was not the expected one,” Bassino said. “However, every race has its own story and every single time you need to have the ability to begin from scratch and accommodate yourself to different race scenarios.”
Variable and testing situations is precisely what she’s been getting stuck with plummeting temperatures and rain over the slopes of Killington in Vermont, USA.
Ahead of this weekend’s next event of this campaign, Bassino said:”I have had two weeks in America and the training sessions have been optimistic.
“My days consisted of training on the snow in the morning together with gym sessions in the afternoon. We are now focusing on the last details of this giant slalom of the season on Saturday.
“I have been working on my consistency and on the capability to express flawlessly myself in the two runs.
“I’m in good shape and that I have excellent feelings”

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