Smith vs Ryder: Callum Smith defeats John Ryder to retain WBA crown in homecoming fight

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Callum Smith stayed on Track Following year after battling past John Ryder in the M&S Arena in Liverpool on Saturday.

Smith defended WBA’superb’ super-middleweight title for another time but has been pushed all the way by challenger Ryder.
A cagey opener saw both men create a cautious start with Smith attempting to keep Ryder.
Ryder, giving away reach and height, took the battle to the winner in the second, ducking beneath his jab and throwing combinations.
Smith maintained his calm and began to find his range landing a clubbing one-two but Ryder reacted to the body.
Target the chest in the fourth and the Londoner continued to close down the space and men completed the round above their eyes using cuts.
‘Mundo’ dropped his high protector and let his hands go in the fifth in a bid to slow Ryder’s forward march and in the first time started to locate the target with his hand.
‘The Gorilla’ tried to back up Smith onto the ropes at the eighth and reacted with a right hook in the seventh.
Following the champion complained to the referee in the ninth that Ryder was top with his head both men exchanged hurtful hooks close.
Ryder backed his guy up in the 10th prior to a circular saw both guys celebrate at the last bell and the pair traded blows.

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