Smith vs Ryder: Callum Smith wants to test himself against the best after battling past John Ryder

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Callum Smith still needs a superb fight after fighting in Liverpool.
Smith fought for the first time in front of his hometown fans world champion however, the WBA’superb’ super-middleweight holder has been pushed all of the way by Ryder.
The Liverpudlian that is undefeated put his performance down to a lack of fear of challenger Ryder, that had been a major underdog, giving off reach and height.
“I need the best names in the branch and I’m not disrespecting John Ryder however there wasn’t any fear yelling,” Smith told Sky Sports after.
“I did not believe John Ryder was good enough to overcome me. There are fighters whom I believe that is likely to bring out the finest in me and are good enough to overcome on me who do not function. That is what I want, I want the names.
“I just need a huge title, where should I turn up such as tonight I’ll lose. That panic brings out the very best performance in mepersonally, I believe I want that.”
Ryder, who had been on the wrong aspect of a 117-111, 116-112 conclusion, insists he’ll be back.
“I thought that was unpleasant,” said Ryder. “I believed I forced the struggle, he had been just nicking rounds, even if that. I believed that I.
“I have lost for the British title three times, I’ve come back and fought for a world title against the world .
“I believe I’ve done enough to show I am credible with this and that I will return.”

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