Speedo Mick opens up on mental health issues after completing John O’Groats to Land’s End walk

Everton fan Michael Cullen known as’Speedo Mick’that admits his battle with his own health prompted him to walk this UK’s period .
The diehard Evertonian has finished his seven-week trek from John O’Groats to Land’s End with.
The design admits that he was speechless in the reception he received – but within an interview with Sky Sports, the 55-year-old disclosed with overcoming his own mental health problems, he has had to struggle.
“For quite a while, I was out of this game – I had lost myself,” Cullen said.
“I had been battling mental health, addiction and homelessness. Having been through that myself are going to go towards those triggers.
“I am in the process of enrolling my own charity to assist young people suffering with mental health locally. I’m only hoping to give back something , basically. I’m trying to challenge myself as well.
“Now I’m back in the game, and I’d like to challenge myselfgive back to the neighborhood, make folks smile and hopefully raise a few pounds for charity as well.”
Back in 2016, Cullen raised over # 50,000 for a Liverpool hospice by strolling to Wembley Stadium from Everton’s Goodison Park floor, although he earned his nickname for swimming the English Channel, fundraising # 30,000 from the procedure.
With the finish line in Storm Ciara, sight and Storm Dennis both drifted across the united kingdom, but instead of hamper his attempts, Mick redoubled them.
“It was hard but I enjoy a challenge,” additional Cullen, who has been nominated for a Liverpool Council honor at a service in Liverpool Town Hall a week.
“If they said there was a storm coming, I rubbed my palms together. It didn’t make me believe I had an extra scarf or something like this!
“A lot of people were telling me how I had to remain in and shouldn’t go out in a storm, but I wished to continue. When Dennis came together, I just pushed him aside!”
Mick was greeted with a crowd of well-wishers and a brass band at Land’s End after finishing his charity project.
Despite his experience of handling weather conditions, the most up-to-date challenge of Mick was not without its obstacles that are important.
“Getting up in the morning as it was piled it down with rain and there were still gale-force winds, it is was tough. I’d be completely shattered, when I was going to be able to finish the challenge and I wasn’t sure in those minutes. Those were the tough moments.
“However, I had loads of fun times just like on the sled at Ben Nevis, together using all the reindeer at Scotland and of course you have got all of the help around you. People are fantastic.
‘Speedo Mick’ smashed his initial #100,000 goal by raising more than #315,000 for neighborhood projects for young folks.
He was welcomed about the hint of Cornwall, that the club’s current assistant director Duncan Ferguson, with a message of the Goodison Park personalities.
“I was fairly damaged,” Cullen said. “If I can recover from that, anyone can – and that’s my message. I have already received thousands of messages saying I have inspired them to get out of the house.
“I had a man traveling from Liverpool to Land’s End another day – that he hadn’t been outside of the home for three months but he was motivated by me due to his own struggles with mental wellness.
“All I need to do is bring a smile to people’s faces. I am only an ordinary fellow trying to do amazing things.”

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